Welcome to Tasta Airstream

Tasta Airstream Restoration is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and was established in 2016

Tasta Airstream sources and restores both new and vintage Airstream travel trailers from all over North America. Tasta Airstreams are practical, modern and innovative. Each Airstream is unique and receives professional attention to detail when it comes to restoration and design.

We love restoring travel trailers, but the most rewarding part of our business is seeing happy clients using their newly restored Airstream on their adventures.  Are you looking for an Airstream? Send us an email here.

About Us

Hi, I am Paul Tastad, owner of Tasta Airstream Restoration based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

At Tasta Airstream, we restore vintage Airstream trailers along with sourcing out specific models for customers looking for the perfect trailer. One neat feature we add to each of our projects is a Norwegian town name to reflect back to our Norwegian ancestry.

Restoration Projects

Tasta – 1977 Airstream Safari

Oslo – 1977 Airstream Overlander

Lille – 2008 Safari

Sola – 2005 Safari


Tasta Caravan 2020

We took Oslo Airstream and Lille Airstream 4,100 miles to some great stops including Joshua Tree, Malibu, San Francisco and Napa.